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Use Instagram Bot to auto follow, auto like, auto comment, auto unfollow, auto DM, post, schedule and much more then grow your network with real followers and save your precious time.

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Some features

Auto Follow

Auto follow feature is one of the best ways to grow your follower base organically. You can target hashtags or user accounts and system will do auto following for you.

Auto Unfollow

Auto unfollow feature saves your time/nerves and allows you to automatically unfollow the accounts that you don’t want to follow anymore.

Auto Like

Auto like feature allows you to automate the liking of content. No need to find or and scroll through posts anymore! You can use the Instagram auto like feature to target users or hashtags.

Auto Comment

Auto Comment feature allows you to increase engagement by commenting on the posts of other users. You can create multiple custom messages that are sent to the posts that are targeted by users or hashtags.

Auto Repost

Auto Repost is a fantastic tool to keep your social feed active. Repost feature allows you to temporarily repost content from other users or hashtags feeds and this way your account is always active!

Auto Direct Messages

Auto DM feature sends to every new follower or your targets automatically a message that you can customize. Auto DM a great way to welcome or thank your new followers and engage with them. No need to do manual outreach anymore!


Smart features for content creation and scheduling

Auto Post to Instagram

You can use to schedule your Instagram posting. You can create and schedule photo and video posts or even stories.

Systematic Posts

You can use the systematic feature to post at regular intervals. System every day automatically post at any time you want.

And much more..

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